• Grow making Wise decisions

  • Hitech for irrigation efficiency

  • Better control of your crop

Using the information provided by the interpretation of the data supplied by sensor in the field, the user can make the right decisions in the right time.

Our solutions are based on Descriptive and Prescriptive analysis.

Quality and Quantity Yield Improvement

Reduction in water and inputs consumption

Better profitability

Environmental impact

How we do it


of the water retention capacity of the soil


of the soil and climate conditions


of the user and customized counseling


to assure operational continuity

Soil productivity depends not only on the nutritional contents but on the physical characteristics as well. The plant growth is closely linked to the root development, which needs a proper balance between aeration and humidity.

Wise Methodology creates the proper conditions to avoid unnecessary stress of the plant. By doing so, the plant uses most of its energy for production and quality

Water is a very valuable asset, in Wise, our work is aimed to optimize it’s use, directly contributing with the environment sustainability.


Reports and interviews

What growers think

"I have a completely automated system, irrigation on demand, only what the plant asks for and when it needs it. The results have been great. We save water and fertiliser and the plant is healthier and is stress-free."

"The ground is like a sponge, if you give it too much water, it leaks and it goes to waste. In this case, at Wise, we ensure that the water is not lost below ground because only the water that is needed is given."

The Team

Gabriel Camhi

Founder & CEO

Juan Manuel Barranco

IT Management

María Orlova

Finance & Admin Management

Jorge Schwartz

Business Development

Javier Rodríguez

Technical Management

Adolfo Contreras

Agronomical Management

José Antonio Sánchez

Customer experience and systems

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